New Hotels for 2019

New Hotels for 2019

Published on Friday, February 08, 2019

New Hotels for 2019

Whether you want a lively hotel or something quieter, for the family or as a couple, budget or boutique then there's a new hotel for you!

Follow the links below for more information and don't forget to click on the 'For more photos click here' links to see the full photo albums.

Hotel Rosamar Spa ★★★★S

Hotel Rosamar Maritim ★★★★

Hotel Don Juan Resort ★★★★

Sumus Hotel Stella & Spa ★★★★S

Aqua Hotel Promenade ★★★★

Alegria Hotel Pineda Splash ★★★★

Hotel Acapulco ★★★★

Hotel Delamar (Adults Only 18+) ★★★★

Hotel Caprici Verd ★★★★S

Hotel Olympic Garden ★★★★ 

Hotel Olympic Park ★★★★  

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